Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 Things That Annoy Book-Nerds

Things that annoy book nerds 
I'd say most of the time, book nerds are not angry people. But there are some things that really get on our nerves, like when muggles don't understand us, don't feel what we feel and just. Don't. Get.It. Oh how we hate those people. 
So without further ado, here is a list of the things that annoy me as a reader. 

         1.  When people bother you while you're reading 
Look at me. Can't you see I'm reading? Can"t you see that I don’t want to talk to you, or anyone else? If I wanted to talk to you, I WOULDN’T BE READING! 

Go away please 

          2. When people judge you for fangirling. 
So you're all like: 

And they're all like: 

Please leave me alone. I'm having a moment here. 

          3. When people hate on your favorite book and THEY HAVEN'T EVEN READ IT 
You know when you're reading one of your favorites, and someone asks you what you're reading. You tell them, and they're like: "oh, THAT book" So you ask them if they’ve read it and they say something along the lines of..."No, but I've heard of it, and it doesn’t sound very good" 
Or, when you're telling someone about a book, and they cut you off, saying "I hate that book. I haven't read it, but it sounds awful. In fact, I hate reading full stop." 

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Maybe try it out. I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t think you'd like it. 

               4.  When people judge you for the types of books you read. 
Hello, I'm a teenager. I'm going to read teenage and young adult books. They are aimed at me. I will probably continue to love the young adult genre even when I'm not a young adult. No, no. Don’t you dare tell me its not 'good literature' It's fantastic. 
I get this a lot, sometimes even from fellow book lovers. And yes, I do know that some young adult books can be repetitive and often the love interest is of the 'bad boy' type and its 'not good for young people to be interested in this' but not all teenage books are like that. And anyway, you should be focusing on the strong female protagonists that I guess set good examples for young girls. Besides, I'm reading for fun. Young adult books are fun. Stop taking everything so seriously. Rant over.                                 

                   5.  When a book is turned into a movie that sucks. 
While watching book-to-movie adaptations, you sometimes seriously wonder whether the directors and/or producers have actually read the book. Like, excuse me, did we read the same book? Because I see no similarities between the two. Are you trying to turn this into another Twilight? Or The Hunger Games perhaps? This book is its own original book, do not turn it into something else. And also, don’t compare it to another book/movie so people will watch it. THIS BOOK IS NOT THE HUNGER GAMES IT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. 

So anyway, there are five ways to annoy a booknerd. There are plenty more where they came from, I assure you.  And this is my first post. Go me

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